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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy lies in its belief that the produced work is an attempt toward reaching a level of humanity and sensitivity to the living environment inspired from Dr. Rasem Badran’s school of thought. We are continuously searching for living models and paradigms in order to prevent places, be it cities or buildings, from becoming abandoned in their monotony, lifelessness and lack of identity.
This ideology stems from questioning who are we as people or who are we designing for while taking into consideration where we are located or for which place are we designing. We aim to create human and environment-friendly architecture that is not imposing but rather welcoming; one that does not promote social segregation but rather promotes social cohesion and inclusion. Places must be sustainable in essence, where sustainability is not only limited to climate and environmental factors but also takes into consideration social and cultural sustainability. In summary, our philosophy revolves around creating value through design, adding meaning as the other dimension while enriching the sense of belonging to places.


Rasem Badran

Dr. Rasem Badran

Founder & Principal Architect 

Born in 1945, the internationally renowned Palestinian-Jordanian architect, Dr. Rasem Badran, graduated with B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering from the Technical University T.H. of Darmstad, Germany in 1970. He received an honorary PhD in Architectural design from the Jordan University of Science and for his achievements in the field of Architectural Design and theory in 2002.
Dr. Rasem Badran’s works are based on a methodological approach in defining Architecture as a continuous dialogue between contemporary needs and historical inherited cultural values. His belief shaped our path at DAR AL OMRAN “We derive from the past what we design for today to withstand the future.” The team of highly qualified architects design contemporary solutions derived from regional and cultural heritage that is compatible with the local environment.
Dr. Rasem Badran’s is the 2019 recipient of the prestigious Tamayouz Lifetime Achievement Award for Architecture.

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Dar Al Omran

About us

We are a group of multidisciplinary building & city consultants. We follow shifting paradigms that encourage alliances between professionals from different fields, as our teams include an integration of trusted Planners, Architects, Designers, Engineers, Scientists and Environmentalists.

Our firm’s track record represents active performance in the design and supervision of various building and infrastructural projects offering several professional services such as: Urban Planning and Design, Architectural and Engineering Design, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Q.S., Specifications and Tender Documentation, Infrastructure Design, as well as Construction Management and Technical Supervision.



Planning &

Urban Design





infrastructure design



building information modeling


Information Modeling

Quantity Surveying

& Cost Management

technical assistance



Sustainability &

Green Design

drone surveying




project management



Design Review

& Verification

Construction Management

& Supervision

3d laser scanning

3d Laser


Landscape design



Aga Khan Award For Architecture
Jordan Engineers Assosciation
otherways management and consulting
world of facades
international property awards
international council of shopping centers
arab architects awards
retail me

Our Achievements

DAO is ISO 9001 certified since 1998, and has a Quality Management Certificate that meets the new requirements and standards of ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001, and ISO 45001. DAO is also annually ranked among the top 225 international design firms (2021) in the Engineering New Record (ENR) survey.

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