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Abdali Medical Center

ABDALI MEDICAL CENTER Location: Amman- Jordan Client: Arab Towers Construction Company – Abdali CLEMENCEAU Hospital Company Plot Size: Hospital = 5,544 m2 / Car Parking = 3,243 m2 Built-Up Area: Hospital = 78,000 m2 / Car Parking = 14,500 m2 Construction Cost: 80,000,000 JOD Starting Date: August 2015 Completion Date: April 2018 Services Provided: Architectural, Engineering & Interior Design- Design & Built contract including Interior Design Project Description:

AMC stands as a beacon of exemplary healthcare in the region. Designed to be one of the most reputable high-end facilities, this hospital boasts approximately 200 beds, providing essential healthcare services in a distinctive setting and with a cadre of professional staff. Situated in the Abdali district of Amman, Jordan – a renowned luxury trade and services hub – the AMC location details are as follows:
The primary hospital building is situated across parcels (5C1, 5C2, 5C3, 5C4), covering a total area of 5544 m2 [Refer to Image (01)].

An underground car park spans Parcel (PD9), with an area of 3243 m2 [See Images (01/02)].
Streets surrounding the property have been rented from GAM to service the project.
The main building, an existing structure comprised of segments marked as A, B, & C [See Image (02)], includes 4 basement levels and 10 above-ground levels for segments B & C – this forms the hospital's main "Podium". Segment A rises to 35 levels, with the top floors from the 19th to the 35th being core and shell, dedicated to outpatient clinic spaces.

Distinguished for its prowess in engineering design and project management, Dar Al Omran (DAO) has been commissioned as the Engineer of record (contractor’s consultant). DAO shoulders the responsibility of guiding the design development of the project to its final (IFC stage) within the outlined scope of services, and offering continual office support throughout the construction phase.
It's essential to highlight that DAO's contract is directly with the Main Contractor, ATCCO, serving as the Design Consultant. The foundational project scope in design adheres to the design intent furnished during the tender phase, a brainchild of AECOM, who also functions as the Engineer appointed by the Employer.

This venture seamlessly integrates healthcare needs with advanced engineering design under the umbrella of adept project management, underscoring the comprehensive approach to building a healthcare facility of such magnitude and importance.



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