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Abu Dhabi Court House Complex

Client: Abu Dhabi Judiciary Department Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates Services Provided: Design & Supervision Total Built-up Area: 110,000 m² Construction Cost: US $ 350,000,000 Starting Date: 2007 Design - 2009 Supervision Completion Date: 2008 Design - 2014 Supervision

Project Description:

2007 - The Philosophy of the concept is driven from the cultural relationship between man and his believes, which transform ideologies and values to factual human behavior, and also impact the physical space, taking into consideration the diverting understanding of such rules understanding the differentiation between the man-made rules (civic affairs–Secular) and Shari'a (Qur'anic understanding of human rights- Sacred) to transform the relation between the secular and the sacred into a physical understanding. We consider the secular, a part of the contextual forces of the site's urban tissue, seen as the social introductory of the sacred domain through an intermediate shift, which is purity (Al-Taharaa- Water)

The project's concept components:
1) The Religious Axis
Islam is the major source of legislation; this principle is expressed clearly in the design. The Shari'a Court and the Cover are directed towards Qiblah. The cover itself reminds visitors and employees always of this orientation and its spirituality, which is accentuated by the projection of Koran statements engraved on the cover and projected to the walls of courts, where every one can read them.
2) The Social Axis
In this axis, all civil courts are directed towards the city and surrounding grid. This composition assures the dialogue between the two axes and adheres to the site's forces.
3) The Functional Axis
Function requirement are the most important issue in this complex. Space program was prepared and implemented in the planning of the scheme in accordance with the department functional and operational requirements.



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