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African Unity Summit Hotel

AFRICAN UNITY SUMMIT HOTEL COMPLEX 140 Suites (70 presidential 70 ministerial) Client: Public Housing Committee Location: Sert - Libya Services Provided: Design Competition Total Built-up Area: 140,200 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 100,000,000 Starting Date: 1999 Completion Date: 1999 Project Description: 1999 - The project is intended to accommodate the summit for African unity 2001. Four alternatives were prepared to achieve the most efficient and luxurious solution with the most convenient presidential services. The project consists of 70 presidential suites, 70 ministerial suites, multi-purpose hall for 3000 visitors, restaurant, cafe', and administration offices. Extensive landscaping including lush vegetation and water features enhance the relationships between the different buildings and provide an oasis like setting. The project's image displays the architectural heritage, and expresses the values of the power, unity, equity, and justice, which also reflecting a clear understanding to the characteristics of the old Arab city.



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