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AL Bashir Hospital ER

AL BASHIR HOSPITAL- NEW EMERGENCY BUILDING (148 beds) Location: Amman Jordan Client: Ministry of Public Works & Housing Plot Size: 6,500 m2 Built-Up Area: 20,558 m2 Construction Cost: 22,000,000 USD Starting Date: August 2015 Completion Date: July 2017 Affiliation: Medical Planner Husam Tuffaha Services Provided: Architectural & Engineering Design, Supervision Project Description: The innovative design of the Al-Bashir Hospital Emergency Department, crafted by Dar Al Omran, has proficiently addressed several enduring challenges that hindered the efficiency of the hospital. Catering to a staggering 580,000 patients each year, the preceding Al-Bashir emergency facility was constrained with a mere 55-bed capacity. Furthermore, it faced issues such as limited connectivity to the main hospital and inadequate parking facilities, leading to persistent traffic congestion.

Dar Al Omran's meticulous engineering design approach has not only halved the distance between the Emergency Department and the primary hospital, but it has also introduced multiple entrances for both walk-in patients and service access, effectively alleviating congestion. Augmenting its practicality in healthcare, the revamped design now boasts added parking facilities and an instrumental helipad for emergency air transfers.



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