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AL Bashir Hospital ER

AL BASHIR HOSPITAL- NEW EMERGENCY BUILDING (148 beds) Location: Amman Jordan Client: Ministry of Public Works & Housing Plot Size: 6,500 m2 Built-Up Area: 20,558 m2 Construction Cost: 22,000,000 USD Starting Date: August 2015 Completion Date: July 2017 Affiliation: Medical Planner Husam Tuffaha Services Provided: Architectural & Engineering Design, Supervision Project Description: 2015 - The new Al-Bashir Hospital Emergency Department is designed to solve many long-term problems that have been affecting the overall performance of the hospital. Receiving over 580,000 patients annually, the old Al-Bashir emergency building had a limited capacity of 55 beds only, weak connectivity between the building and the main hospital, and insufficient parking spaces and road access causing traffic congestion. DAR AL OMRAN treated all these problems by reducing the distance between the Emergency Department and the main hospital by 50%, creating various entrances for walk-in patients and services - minimizing congestion, and introducing new parking spaces and a helipad to receive patients from Helicopters



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