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Al-Hudaidah University Central Library

Al-Hudaidah University Central Library Client: Hudaidah University Location: Hudaidah - Yemen Services Provided: Design Total Built-up Area: 6,600 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 3,000,000 Starting Date: 2002 Completion Date: 2003 Project Description: 2002 - Al-Hodaidah University Central Library reflects the contemporary vision of the Yemeni heritage in urban context through preserving the architectural and cultural traditions. The library was designed to reflect the character of Yemeni heritage while maintaining modern design, through embracing high-quality modern facilities, advanced communication systems, information networks and computers, taking into consideration aspects of national cultural and environmental aspects of the area. Located in the center of the university campus, and with a captivating sea view, this library consists of three floors, which includes a basement, a ground floor and a first floor, and through holding up to 1100 seats with 360,000 shelves for volumes and books, this creates a unique academic and research atmosphere for the teachers, academics and students.



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