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Location: Khwaneej - UAE Client: Union Coop Plot Size: 18,400 m² Built-Up Area: 186,000 m² Construction Cost: 780,000,000 AED Starting Date: July, 2016 Completion Date: July, 2016 Affiliation: NA Services Provided: Design Competition, Architectural Design Project Description: 2016 - The Al Khawaneej Center aims at enriching the human and cultural experience by providing a comfortable shopping environment and a vibrant, dynamic space in a festive setting that envisages shopping in a modern and distinctive flavor to provide a model in the design of commercial centers. This is done by establishing a visual form of communication between the interior and exterior spaces of the shopping center according to the design requirements and functional needs of each architectural space inside the project. The initial lines of design explore the potential of the triangular site by challenging its geometry. Trying to redefine these lines through fluid curves that reflect the spirit and flexibility of the basic function of the shopping mall. Allowing a visual link in the design taking into account the functional separation required between the entrances to the commercial center and each of the entrances to the investment floor and basement, which contains parking spaces and various service rooms. Project overview: Guiding principles of design (design criteria) In order to achieve the union's vision of being the preferred brand and the preferred place to shop in, a modern concept using modern systems and technologies to keep up with the era demands and expectations of shoppers was implemented recalling the last cooperative branches of the Union coop and considering the strategic location of the plot of land, and to achieve Union's strategy of expansion, it was decided to proceed with the establishment of a commercial centre consists of (B + G + 2) in the first Khawaneej area, which has a branch(Hypermarket) that includes different products and display sections, in addition to the number of shops. This is in addition to providing an integrated floor / specialty clinics and hospitals /Offices ... etc. and other investment activities to serve the residents of the Khawaneej area in particular and surrounding areas on the whole. - Consider the relationship between the design of external facades and internal spaces - the possibility of adding functional spaces that increase the value and economic feasibility of the project. - Provide an area of ​​not less than 200,000 square feet (equivalent to 18,580 square meters) The hypermarket on one floor. - Provide an independent entrance to the second floor investment to achieve more profitability in use. - Flexibility in the design of the entrance / entrances of the second floor investment so that it can be used if the second floor is invested as a hospital, business centre or offices. - The direct relationship between the parking spaces and between the entrances of the building in the basement floors and ground floor. - Taking into account the proposed new network of roads and bridges for the Khawaneej area and the surrounding project area. - Distribution of shops in the floors of the ground building and the first. - Provide vertical contact elements with appropriate numbers and locations



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