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AL Marzooq Residence

Al-Marzooq Residences Client: Undisclosed Location: Misseelah - Kuwait Services Provided: Design & Supervision Total Built-up Area: 8,500 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 9,000,000 Starting Date: 2001 Design - 2002 Supervision Completion Date: 2002 Design - 2004 Supervision Project Description: 2001 - This residential complex consists of two large villas and upper floor apartment together with a diwanyia (men’s reception hall) grouped around a large formal courtyard, and share an extensively landscaped garden with direct access to a private beach. A large basement extends under the whole complex with parking garage for 13 cars, 2 multi-purpose halls, a gymnasium which opens to a basement courtyard, and various services. The project evokes urban images of an old Arab village with its several courtyards, arcades, towers and pavilions. The project's image reflects the essence of classic architectural features of the region within a modular system that provides a rationed order to the planning and design of the whole project



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