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Al Rajhi Residence

AL-RAJIHI RESIDENCE Client: Mr.Abdullah Al-Rajihi Location: Al-Riyadh - Saudi Arabia Services Provided: Design & Supervision Total Built-up Area: 3,900 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 5,600,000 Starting Date: 1996 Design - 1997 Supervision Completion Date: 1997 Design - 2000 Supervision Project Description: In 1996, a distinctive residential project emerged, deeply inspired by and rooted in the simplicity of Najdi architecture. This residence, under the lead guidance of its visionary architects, masterfully revived the ecological and cultural ethos of traditional architecture, while infusing it with all the amenities and luxuries essential for modern living.

The design approach adopts a linear relationship in arranging its various functions, ensuring maximum interaction between the interior and exterior environments. This Salmani-inspired residence is set against the expansive canvas of desert-type landscaping, reminiscent of the local Wadi Hanifa settings.

Clearly, the architectural imagery and the meticulous design details bear the signature marks of Najdi proportions. Yet, it is the innovative contemporary reinterpretation of these elements that sets the project apart. Through this initiative, the timeless beauty and values of Salmani and Najdi-rooted architecture seamlessly converge with the standards of contemporary luxury residential living.


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