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Al-shameyah District Development

AL-SHAMEYAH DISTRICT DEVELOPMENT Client: Aqar Holding Location: Makkah - Saudi Arabia Services Provided: Planning & Urban Development Site Area: 4,710,000 m2 Construction cost: US $ 3 Billions Starting Date: 2003 Completion Date: 2004 Project Description: 2003 - Al-Shameyah District Development covers an area of about 140 hectares with a total built up area of 4,710,000 m2. It is mainly composed of residential (both temporary and permanent apartments), hotels (with different categories) and commercial uses. The aim was to develop a new vision for this important zone located at the northern ridge of Makkah Al-Mukkarmakeh central district. Due to the yearly increase inflow of pilgrims and worshippers, and the need to expand the Haram area, the vision of a comprehensive development and policy was needed for this zone.




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