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Al Sudairi Villa

Client: Undisclosed Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Services Provided: Architecture, Engineering, Landscape design & supervision Total Built-up Area: 950 SQM Construction Cost: 1,200,000 USD Starting Date: 2016 Completion Date: 2018

2016 - The design concept of the private residence was based on inspirations from the Andalusian / Moorish architecture. The most distinguishing feature of the Andalusian architecture, the arch present in a repetitive yet studied manner here. The inspirations also incorporated elements such as the massing and the building functions. The design incorporation two sections distinguished by their axes orientation. The first being the guests and services section, hence the formal one, and the later being the private family section. The landscape design of this residence have also followed inspirations of heavenly gardens such as the gardens of Al Hambra Palace. The overall result was a beautiful combination of aesthetics, functionality and luxury.



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