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Al Sudairi Villa

Client: Undisclosed Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Services Provided: Architecture, Engineering, Landscape design & supervision Total Built-up Area: 950 SQM Construction Cost: 1,200,000 USD Starting Date: 2016 Completion Date: 2018

In 2016, a private residence was envisioned, drawing deeply from the rich tapestry of Andalusian/Moorish architecture, which stands as an enduring testament to the grandeur of the architecture of Islamic civilizations. Central to Andalusian architecture, the arch, was employed in a recurrent yet deliberate manner in this design, symbolizing the distinctiveness of the Islamic architectural tradition.

Furthermore, the design effortlessly wove in elements from the broader spectrum of Islamic architecture, such as the distinct massing and building functions intrinsic to this style. The residence is divided into two primary sections based on their axial orientation: the formal segment catering to guests and services, and the more intimate zone designated for family.

The landscape design, too, pays homage to the illustrious gardens of Islamic history, drawing inspiration from ethereal paradises like the gardens of Al Hambra Palace. Together, this blend of architectural cues resulted in a harmonious amalgamation of aesthetics, functionality, and luxury. Through this residence, the timeless beauty and intricate detailing of Islamic architecture and the architecture of Islamic civilizations find a renewed expression in the modern world.



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