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Al Tamdeen Headquarters

AL-TAMDEEN HEADQUARTERS Client: Tamdeen Real Estate Company Location: Kuwait City - Kuwait Services Provided: Architectural and Landscape Design Total Built-up Area: 6,000 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 8,000,000 Starting Date: 2002 Completion Date: 2002 Project Description: 2002 - This 13-story building consists of two shifted modules; a rigid external stone module encompassing an inner glass module, symbolizing the Company's dynamic and progressive vision through the shifted glass core while deriving its strength and stability from the traditional values of Kuwait through the masonry enclosure. The shape and position of the tent-like features at the portals reflect both Tamdeen's logo and inherent regional references. With an architectural image defining a fusion between the past's solidity and the dexterity of the modern urban context, Al-Tamdeen Headquarters represent a flagship for Tamdeen while housing spaces for rental offices in the heart of Kuwait City.



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