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AL Zawya Center

AL ZAWYA CENTRE Client: Al Zawya Council Location: Al Zawya - Libya Services Provided: Urban Design Site Area: 120 Hectare Starting Date: 2000 Completion Date: 2001 Main Consultant: Consulting Engineering Office for Public Utilities Project Description: 2000 - The project mainly aims to develop Urban Design for Al-Zawiya city-centre in Libya. The scope of work involves analysis of Urban, Architectural, Transportation, Infrastructural, Environmental, Economic and Demographic aspects in the city center in order to develop an urban design that shall support the development of Al Zawya City-centre. The developed Urban Design covers zoning and distribution of land uses, developing detailed urban design for selected areas, developing urban design standards and guidelines, landscape design for selected areas, preparing action plan, typical elevations, sections and perspectives in addition to 3D modeling for the project area.



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