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Applied Colleges Al Ahsa

Client: king Faysal university KFU
Service: A&E Design & Tender Document
Plot Size: 13,269.00 sqm
Area: 19,980 sqm
Cost: 98,800,000 SAR

Project Description:

The project aims to reflect three different relationships: the Student-Professor relationship, the Students relationship with their Faculty, and the Students relationship with the University as a whole. These relationships lead to private, semi-private, and public spaces respectively that became the key drivers for the design of the faculty.
The ‘Glass structure’ located at the center of the project symbolizes all three relationships combined hosting all shared functions such as the restaurants and the library. The glass façade allows the students to stay connected with the entire University campus when inside, allows the Professors to chaperon the Students from the adjacent building, and finally provide the students with their own faculty privacy.



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