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Aqaba Region Land Use

AQABA REGION LAND USE Client: ASEZA Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority Location: Aqaba Region - Jordan Services Provided: Land Use Strategies, GIS Maps & Reports Site Area: 6904.5 km2 Construction Cost: US $ 45,000,000 Starting Date: 2006 Completion Date: 2007 Project Description: 2006 - The aim of this project is to Gathering, analyzing and documenting the information and studies about the existing conditions in Aqaba Region in order to prepare a Land use strategies and GIS maps to serve the region for the next 20 years. The study to divide the land according to its characteristic: agriculture, geology, tourism, urban, with all services like schools and hospitals …etc. and infra services like water, electricity and sewer …. Etc. Developing a sustainable strategy of the region for a long term period (20 years). Achieve balanced development within the region from the equivalent relationship between the Centre and the parties. Reduce the disparity of negative economic and social level between Aqaba region and ASEZA. Optimum utilization of natural resources and increase potentials available in the region. Preserve the agricultural land as much as possible, adequate with the available water resources. Stop the flow of resettlement from rural to urban zone. Improve the quality of life and raise the standard of living of the residents in the region. Raise the efficiency of transportation and communications prevent the indiscriminate proliferation of the population.



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