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Ascending Achievement: DAO Rockets Up 28 Places to Claim 179th Position in the ENR Top 225!"

It is with immense pleasure that we unveil DAO's exceptional ascent, propelling us an impressive 28 positions forward to attain the distinguished 179th position in the revered ENR Top 225 International Design Firms ranking.

This remarkable accomplishment serves as a resounding affirmation of our steadfast dedication to the pursuit of excellence, the fostering of cutting-edge innovation, and the promotion of sustainable practices. To stand recognized within the ranks of premier industry firms is an honor we deeply cherish.

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to our dedicated cadre of team members, esteemed clients, and invaluable partners. Their collective contributions have been instrumental in realizing this significant milestone. United in purpose, we continue to sculpt the trajectory of global design and engineering, leaving an indelible mark on an international canvas.


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