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Assoufid Residential Development

Location: Marrakech – Morocco Client: ASsoufid Properties Development Built-Up Area: 3750 sq.m Starting Date: 2016 Completion Date: 2016 Services Provided: Design Competition

Project Description:

2016 - The scope of this project involved participating in a design competition to provide a Pre-Concept design for the residential components; 560 Villa, 360 apartment with 10 types, for the Assoufid mixed-use development spreading over 234 hectares’ land located in Marrakech, Morocco.
Arising from the client aspiration to create a design that is inspiring, timeless and sustainable and achieves the following experiences: Resort like, Marrakesh, and Sense of place, in order to fulfil this, DAR AL OMRAN team started the design process in two parallel approaches. First, studying and analyzing traditional Moroccan houses to comprehend the Marrakesh experience and understand the distinguished particularity of this remarkable architecture, while the second approach involved studying qualities and living standards of Resorts Architecture. These two approaches formed the base of the evolution of all villas and apartments building design.



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