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Bouregreg Valley Development

Client: Project Management Group
Location: Rabat – Sala (Morocco)
Services Provided: Urban Development / Master Plan & Planning
Site Area: 5,000 Hectares
Construction Cost: US $ 4,700,000,000
Starting Date: 2003
Completion Date: 2004

2003 - The planning concept of the project aims at defining and enhancing the Valley’s socio-cultural, economical, environmental and historical characteristics along the water stream between the new constructed dam and the Atlantic Ocean coastline where the two neighboring cities (Rabat and Salah) are located. The planning process aim is at re-fertilizing the valley area to bridge the social and cultural gap which exists between the two cities. The study also includes a series of development zones along both sides of the water stream introducing a number of scenarios such as, the Sea Gate – the Great Plaza – Al-Qasba Island and ending with water reservoirs



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