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Client : Riyadh Development Authority
Service : Architectural Design, Supervision & Landscaping
Plot Size : N/A
Area : 35,000 m'
Cost : 44,800,000 US $
Year: 2007 -2012

Project Description:

2007 - The project aims to revive Albjeri area through maintaining its culture and rich history, the Development of Central Area Project emerges as a bridge connecting past and present with future visions and aspirations to create a contemporary yet traditional developed area.

Maintaining the location of the existing tower; the use of visual spines directed to Turaif, makes it visible for people to enjoy from different locations; creating a combination between the new and old, and taking into consideration the climate and agricultural nature of the area whilst maintaining the buildings' original functions, creating an environmentally suitable setting for the residence of Riyadh to relax in.




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