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Bujairi Heritage Quarter

Client: Royal Commission for Riyadh City
Service Provided: A, E Design & Supervision Project Status: Completed 2009 Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Construction Cost: 119,000,000 SAR Built Up Area: 35,000 sq.m

Project Description:

2009 - The aim of this project was to revive Al Bujairi Heritage quarter in Al Diriyyah through understanding the place and its history. This was based on the concept that the past serves as a crossing bridge with steady paces of the present and clear enlightened orientations towards the future. These titles require one to give each stage its entitled time to express and highlight its important role within the wheel of time. This revival took into consideration the unique culture, form, context, climate and agricultural nature of the site and without breaching out the original functions of buildings. The overall purpose of the project was to establish a suitable leisure destination for the people of Riyadh, one which reflects the Najdi essence. Moreover, the aim of the architectural treatment was to be simple and decent. The design of the project capitalized on the viewpoints onto al Turaif, where pedestrians would enjoy those optical axes towards the UNESCO World Heritage site. The project also incorporated a landscape design that is inspired from the context (Wadi hanifa). This included escarpments, water pond, and native plantations. The project is the recipient of two International Property Awards in 2019 for its approach and socio-spatial success.




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