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Central wholesale market

Client: Holly Makkah Municipality
Hmm - EIC
Service: Design Competition, Master
Planning & A/E Design
Plot area: 3,742.711 m2
Area: 633,800 m2
Cost: 4,779.961.500 SAR

Project Description:
2016 - The new Wholesale Market is designed to uplift the experience of visitors by solving long-term problems that have been compromising the performance of the existing market through functional and aesthetic solutions.
Functionally, the existing wholesale market has traffic issues, where the movement of visitors, suppliers, and vendors collide with one another. To solve this, DAR AL OMRAN developed a radial masterplan segregated into layers and zones, each with a distinguished function. Using a radial masterplan, all traffic issues are solved and an efficient wholesale market ‘City’ is created.

Aesthetically, a dialogue between the past and the future using the present experience, DAR AL OMRAN’s team developed a hybrid style of architecture that keeps the memory of Hijazi architecture in a contemporary form.

This new architectural style, which presents the heritage of Makkah as a unique part of the Hijazi architectural style, becomes an additional factor that contributes to the shape and the character of the buildings.



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