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Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY Client: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Location: Makkah - Saudi Arabia Services Provided: Design Competition Total built-up area: 50,000 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 40,000,000 Starting Date: 1996 Completion Date: 1996 Project Description: 1996 - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry building is located in one of the active commercial streets in Mekka Al-Mukkarama, where the suggested design reflects the art of traditional architecture of the region through a contemporary representation of the buildings formation and façades; through the materials used and the wooden mashrabiyas that symbolize the traditional architecture as decorative elements. The project consists of six buildings, surrounded by a piazza that is covered with a tensile structure giving the building an impeccable design, and traces of modern design, five of these buildings comprise of nine floors that accommodate the Chamber's offices.



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