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Commercial Villas

COMMERCIAL VILLAS Client: Undisclosed Location: Miseelah - Kuwait Services Provided: Design Total Built-up Area: 2,400 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 2,800,000 Starting Date: 2002 Completion Date: 2002 Project Description: 2002 - Designed as a row of courtyard houses in a luxury residential neighborhood near the sea, this project attempts to recreate in each unit the atmosphere of traditional Arab courtyard houses, designed around two courtyards with a formal court with a central fountain and a services court. Although small and compact, each 4- bedroom unit is planned efficiently and provides for privacy for the family areas gathered around the two courtyards, while the guest areas are directed towards the main street in terms of view and physical orientation. The architectural character reflects regional themes of traditional architecture with emphasis on massing and intricate details in wood and ironwork.



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