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Conference Center & Grand mosque at Shakir Palace

Client: Ministry of Works Location: Bahrain Services Provided: Design Competition Total site Area: 67,000 m2 Total Built-up Area: 22,500 m² Construction Cost: US $ 73,000,000 Starting Date: 2010 Completion Date: 2010 Project Description: 2010 - The proposed design for the architectural competition was inspired by the architectural heritage of Bahrain, where the design reflects the urban fabric integration and overlapping in life’s physical aspects life and the values ​​of knowledge of Islam, through the use of more than one configuration system both in terms of direction, and of general character. In light of this, the convention center was designed and which represents the part related to the physical life; in parallel to the main street, whilst the mosque which represents the Islamic and religious aspect is directed towards Al-Qibleh reflecting the knowledge values ​​of Islam.



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