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The Grand Mosque Riyadh

THE GRAND MOSQUE RIYADH – ImAm mohammad bin turki Bin Abdullah Mosque Client: Riyadh Development Authority Location: Al-Riyadh-Saudi Arabia Services Provided: Design Competition, Design & Architectural Supervision Total Built-up Area: 30,000 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 50,000,000 Starting Date: 1984 Design - 1988 Supervision Completion Date: 1985 Design - 1992 Supervision Project Description: 1984 - This project assisted the revitalizing of the historic city centre of the capital Riyadh. The Grand Mosque project was awarded the Aga Khan Award of 1995 for Islamic architecture. Through developing the existing streets, landscaped plazas and pathways of the area this enhanced the aesthetic of the area, this project consists of two main components; the Grand Mosque, that can accommodate 20000 worshipers, Quran schools, offices, shops and employees’ residences. The design of the Grand Mosque stems from the morphology of precedents monuments such as the old mosque of Riyadh. The mosque has been analyzed from different perspectives. Sets of sketches and drawings were done ranging from plans, sections, elevations showing the volumetric and spatial configuration within its contextual urban fabric. Additionally, different levels of architectural analysis were examined, from simplified basic geometrics and the relationships to detailed elevations and ornamentation. the environmental, climatic, and cultural factors, as well as the local and social patterns of behavior were all analyzed, to create the spatial character of the Najdi idiom. The most important characteristic of this project in addition to offering intellectual and urban development; is the use of local materials and patterns in a contemporary style with the use of innovative materials and techniques.




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