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Cultural Walk

Client: DQDA
Services Provided: Masterplaning, urban design & wayfinding
Project Status: ongoing
Location: Riyadh, DQ
Construction Cost: NA
Total Area: 2KM
Starting date: 2019
Completion date: 2021

2019 - The DQ commercial spine project consists of the urban and landscape upgrade of the DQ central boulevards, with façade enhancement guidelines.
The central boulevard is a mixed-use pedestrian walkway with a distinguished architectural character.
The spine acts as a pedestrian connector between East and West of the DQ and North and South.

The project’s scope aims at transforming the 1.8km spine into an iconic memorable journey with active social nodes, that celebrates a timeless national cultural identity, features fusion and innovation in art. The project provided a flexible and multifunctional design of open space that allows for a variety of experiences across the seasons.

The concept builds on the fact that the commercial spine is located in the most cross-cultural quarter in Riyadh city and the award-winning landscape for its sensitivity to the local environment.
The proposed uses and functions aim to transform the DQ into a living destination bringing together the different world’s cultures and exposing the heart of a regional architectural context of refined taste and quality and talking the visitor into a journey through time from the traditional to the contemporary aspect passing through the fusion between the two. The first zone of the walk caters a bazaar and some antique stores, connected to adjacent garden that can accommodate weekly markets with different cuisines, supported by community spaces that will serve the local community in their daily lives, as well as the national and international visitors on their trips to DQ. Zone 2 starts with to Al-Kindi plaza, plaza named after the musician who explored the sixth string, one indulges into contemporary art, fashion and design, supported by intellectual cafes before ending with the beating pulse of the cultural walk, zone three around Oud Square. The Third zone represents the contemporary era that is full of expression and innovation , with its cafes, restaurants, outdoor cinema, and graffiti displays.

The landscape of the walkway, was designed to serve the project aim. The same concept was translated in the hardscape and wayfinding elements while the softscape elements aimed at providing variety to the walk across seasons.



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