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Dar Al Omran delivered Saraya Waterpark on time and within budget

Jordan-based engineering consultants Dar Al Omran, which have served in different capacities on the recently-opened Saraya Waterpark, effectively delivered the project within budget and on time.
Speaking with Construction Week, Mazen Qaffaf, Supervision Department Manager, Dar Al Omran, outlined measures on how the consultancy ensured efficient delivery of the project.
He explained, Dar Al Omran directed the main contractor to prepare and submit time schedules. These included the master time schedule, resources, material submittal schedule, drawings submittal schedule, monthly and accumulative progress percentage, and all other necessary information for proper monitoring of activities.
Dar Al Omran also provided the contractor a ‘look ahead’ program, expected to be updated on a weekly basis, and entailing close control and inspection of site activities.
Qaffaf said: “Dar Al Omran also offered a continuous review of the contractor’s construction schedule, and coordinated with the contractor to monitor progress delays and then, take recovery measures. We also established a log record for contractor material submittals, and shop drawing submittals for proper monitoring.”
Furthermore, the company, which acted as main consultant and ensured construction supervision on the project, conducted monthly and bi-weekly progress meetings with the contractor to monitor the progress against the planned works, and to discuss and resolve outstanding matters and any obstacles that may appear.
To ensure adherence by the prescribed timelines, Dar Al Omran reviewed and analysed contractor requests for time extensions and provided the client with the necessary recommendations.
“Dar Al Omran also avoided unnecessary variation orders. In the event of a variation, we studied, analysed, and negotiated with the contractor, as well as looked into alternative solutions of less cost, and then recommended to the client as appropriate,” Qaffaf said.
On the cost front, Dar Al Omran ensured efficiency by studying and analysing contractor claims, if any, in view of relevant contract conditions and specifications, and determined the contractor rights for the said claim.
Furthermore, the main consultant maintained a log record for all variation orders showing additional items, omitted items, and unscheduled items, as well as a log record for contractor interim payments, any anticipated saving or increase in the budget of the project.
Dar Al Omran also advised the client on disputes that may arise with the contractor.
On a concluding note, Qaffaf said: “Dar Al Omran responded to the contractor’s request for information (RFIs) professionally and with utmost care to avoid project changes and variation order requests (VORs) issuance.”


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