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Desert Resort Project

Project Status: Competition
Year of completion : 2019
Location: Al Ula, Saudi Arabia
Service provided: Architecture & Interior Design
Construction Cost: 750,000,000 SAR
Plot size: 15 SQ KM

Project Description:

2019 - Nestled within the untouched beauty of the Al Ula region's natural reserve, this project stands as a testament to nature's grandeur and the rich tapestry of history the land has witnessed. From the echoes of ancient civilizations such as the Nabatean, Thamudic, Lhayan, and Dedan, to the mesmerizing sandstone hillocks and undulating sand dunes, the site is an embodiment of both heritage and untouched beauty. With its unique climate, it is poised to be a year-round touristic beacon in the Kingdom, drawing visitors from across the globe.

DAO, a leading middle east architectural firm, has envisioned a design deeply inspired from heritage and the natural wonders around. Using nature as its muse, the firm has meticulously crafted paths that meander through the geological marvels, allowing visitors to intimately experience the awe-inspiring rock formations. This deliberate design not only makes for a memorable journey but also evokes a sense of serenity and reflection in the traveler. Such touchpoints, deeply rooted in the land's character, become unforgettable sensory imprints for visitors.

Drawing parallels from the rhythmic patterns seen in sand submerged underwater, or the evolving lines within marble, DAO's design philosophy for this project is intrinsically sustainable and resonates deeply with the principles of hospitality. The very essence of the project is to harmoniously merge modern design with timeless inspirations from nature and history, ensuring every visitor leaves with memories etched in time.



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