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Desert Resort Project

Project Status: Competition
Year of completion : 2019
Location: Al Ula, Saudi Arabia
Service provided: Architecture & Interior Design
Construction Cost: 750,000,000 SAR
Plot size: 15 SQ KM

Project Description:

2019 - This project is located in a pristine natural reserve in Al Ula region. The site holds extraordinary potential to be-come a world-wide destination and a fantastic attraction point in the Kingdom. The site is rich with heritage and historic content (Nabatean, Thamudic, Lhayan, Dedan) and has a unique and pristine nature and geography with plenty of material and ref-refences to draw from such as sand Stone hillocks with shapes and textures, and serene sand and dunes. Finally, the place boasts a unique climate, nominating it to be an operational touristic destination year-round. This approach gives room for the visitor to explore and define the unique geophysical environment, which is the main characteristic the area, where the visitor uses undulant paths that penetrate the geological landscapes, adhering the natural exhibition of unique rock formations. These touchpoints are encoded into the visitor memory, and stimulate the need for a moment of serenity and solicitude that leaves some room for the visitor to absorb and store the encoded sensory stimuli.

Stemming from natural phenomena, DAO sees nature as a mentor and main source of inspiration in this design, be it the sand patterns under water, or marble lines that evolved over time.



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