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Dirar Bin Al Azwar Mosque

DIRAR BIN AL-AZWAR MOSQUE Client: Ministry of Al-Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Location: Jordan Valley - Jordan Services Provided: Design Total Built-up Area: 600 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 650,000 Starting Date: 1996 Completion Date: 1996 Project Description: 1996 - Replacing an existing mosque that was built to commemorate the Prophet's companion, Dirar Bin Al Azwar, the Mosque is located to the northern part of the Jordan Valley adjacent the mausoleum of Abu Obeidah Amer Bin Al-Jarah, in an area which witnessed the first battles between the Muslims and the Roman Empire. Vernacular architectural concept was inspired for this project, where different functions are arranged in response to the rural nature of the site. Moreover, the praying hall is based on a traditional style that is open to the courtyard, in addition to the use of different architectural elements that are inspired by the traditional materials and forms, like the minaret, the dome and the mihrab.



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