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Dirriyah Governorate

Client: Royal Commission for Riyadh City
Location: Diriyyah, Riyadh- Saudi Arabia
Services Provided: A/E Design and Supervision
Total Built-up Area: 6,330 m2
Construction Cost: US $ 10,000,000
Starting Date: 2010 Design - 2012 Supervision
Completion Date: 2013
Project Description:

In 2010, Salmani Architecture secured a prestigious accolade, clinching first place in an architectural competition hosted by the RCRC. What set this design apart was its profound intellectual dialogue embedded in the architectural design. It showcased the finesse of merging the modern with the legacy, bridging the cultural and functional aspects. The design's essence was rooted in a harmonious blend of present-day standards with the abundant heritage history of Al-Dirriyah, paving the way for a contemporary concept that seamlessly intertwined traditional and cultural values.

The architectural design envisioned by Salmani Architecture comprises two rectangular buildings. One stands majestically facing the Al Turaif World Heritage District, oriented towards the Qiblah. In contrast, the other overlooks the bustling main street. A key modern feature of this sustainable architecture are the triangular openings which serve a pivotal role in allowing natural sunlight to drench the interiors. As a result, the building interiors exude a sense of space and brightness, presenting a modern ambiance that holds deep respect for the traditional aspects of the place.



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