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Feheheel Waterfront Development

Client: Tamdeen Real Estate co. Location: Feheheel – Kuwait Services Provided: Architectural Design & Landscape, Supervision Site Area: 200,000 sq.m Total Built-up Area: 40,000 sq.m Construction Cost: US $ 74,250,000 Starting Date: 2000 Design – 2002 Supervision Completion Date: 2001 Design – 2004 Supervision Project Description: 2000 - The Feheheel Waterfront Development in Kuwait is considered one of the important development projects of the region, where it exceeds its investment role within the (Build Operate Transfer) projects where it provides an integrated development vision for Al- Feheheel district. Consisting of a commercial market, vegetable market, fruit and fish market as well as restaurants and cafes facing the sea shore, and in order to achieve this new vision, the intellectual discourse of the project extended over the projects site spatial and temporal limits, embracing concepts more deeply rooted within the value of civilization that characterizes the Coastal cities, represented in the human relationship with sea and land, linking the cultural heritage through interacting with the international world.




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