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German Jordanian University (GJU)

German Jordanian University Client: Government of Germany and Government of Jordan Location: Madaba - Jordan Services Provided: Master Plan, Infrastructure Design & Design of Phase One Buildings Total Built-up Area: 65,000m2 Site Area:112,000m2 Construction Cost: US $ 97,000,000 Starting Date: 2007 Completion Date: 2008 Project Description:

2007 - The German Jordanian University is considered to be of a unique contemporary architectural design adding a significant landmark to the city of Madaba. As the name suggests, the concept was generated from combining two cultures in one urban context.

This approach inspired a design based on Interactive Duality, between the Jordanian and German cultures within this academic and cultural urban institution, which consists of various buildings, courts, and halls, reflecting its continuous evolution and growth. Moreover, the urban planning of the University came within the concepts of sustainable architecture and conserving the environment. The master plan design also incorporated the orientation of the colleges to allow privacy and distinct identity for each of the buildings.



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