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Great Mosque Of Qatar

GREAT MOSQUE OF QATAR Client: State of Qatar Location: Doha - Qatar Services Provided: Design Competition Total Built-up Area: 97,230 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 115,500,000 Starting Date: 2004 Completion Date: 2005 Project Description: 2004 - Inspired by traditional Qatari architecture that makes use of natural materials such as clay and wood, The Great Mosque of Qatar project concentrates on merging the spirituality of the mosque with the secular aspect of the city and daily activities, in addition to the site’s landscape that arises as a strong urban statement in this outstanding edifice. Located in the centre of Doha and inspired by the traditional style of Qatari mosques, this project consists of prayer halls, ablutions area and services in addition to an open court, which houses different public activities such as: educational, cultural, economic, and social activities that converge around the mosque and the prayer hall.



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