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Green Mubazarah


Location: Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE Client: Al-Ain Municipality Plot Size: 1,081,620 sq.m Built-Up Area: 11,255 sq.m Starting Date: 2014 Completion Date: 2014 Services Provided: Master Planning, Urban Design and Architectural Design (Design Competition)

2014 - Green Mubazzarah Upgrade Project is part of City Image Management Strategy’ (CIMS) for Al-Ain, enabling Mubazzarah to present an iconic green development, being high-quality local, regional and international tourism destination. Additionally a health spa-resort within a unique, protected, desert environment

The Green Mubazzarah project is located on the southern part of Al Ain city. It is surrounded by a number of development potentials enhancing the success of the project. It is bounded from the south with Hafeet Mountain acting as a distinctive mountainous edge, overlooking and surrounded by natural hot springs and lakes of Mubazzarah amid the arid mountain and desert setting. Entitled as a UNESCO world heritage site, Scattered at the bottom of Jebel Hafeet Mountain lay mysterious dome-shaped tombs, known as Hafeet tombs earliest tombs are dated to of the Bronze Age in the UAE to a period known as “the Hafeet period”, from 3200BC to 2700BC

Our approach was based on a full and deep understanding of the different level of planning and development policies that might affect the Green Mubazzarah development. Accordingly the vision proposed for the upgrading of the Green Mubazzarah involves the recognition of its nature as an environmental-friendly ecotourism project.

The design concept is to create a distinctive natural public open space for the local societies and international tourists with distinct landscape themes, Botanic Arboretum, Ecological Corridors, Recreational Park lands, Urban Parks and a Central Pedestrian Spine, hosting a world class healing Spa, Eco-lodge and clubhouse. We aimed to generate strong identity providing distinct sense of ‘place’ – A destination which befits the location and makes the best use of the natural and man-made environment, Connecting exist activities with proposed ones in an integrated functional system



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