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Hajjar Residence

HAJJAR RESIDENCE Client: Mr. Radwan Hajjar Location: Amman - Jordan Services Provided: Design & Supervision Total Built-up Area: 500 m2 Construction Cost : US $ 200,000 Starting Date: 1982 Completion Date: 1984 Project Description: 1982 - Inspired by a local contemporary architecture, the Hajjar Residence design was formed in an attempt to reflect a residence with characteristics of traditional architecture of the area in a contemporary interpretation, and which is located in one of the modern suburbs of Amman. The residence consists of stone masses that open up to a courtyard at the entrance, followed by a central atrium covered with marble patterns and which is extended through to the main part of the house, the external appearance consists of a stoned boundary wall with small openings, while the end of the house is devoted to be a private recreational area that includes a swimming pool to add a sense of luxury.



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