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HIC Palace

Client : Client Representative HAJ-Project Managers
Service : Concept Design
Plot Size : N/A
Area : 6,892 m7
Cost : 15,760,000 US $
Year: 2005

Project Description:

2005 - The main theme behind the concept is about how to create pleasant, exquisite and private spaces within a sensitive undeveloped island. The design of the master plan gave a main visual axis which penetrates the palace from the land towards the sea gathering different functions in a luxuriously clustered environment to enhance the sense of belonging to the urban court yard of each cluster as well as the sense of belonging to the fenced castle, the axis will end with a light house which will be a landmark emphasizing the end of the axis.

To highlight the connection between the sea and the palace, the main palace was elevated on a hill coming down towards the sea this combined the contradictions between the image and function needed, giving us the hierarchy which is seen in castles, where the main elements of the palace was placed at this hill's top then coming down gradually towards the sea using terraces and soft cape ending with the light house.

The design reflects the uniqueness and rich design idea's, which also provides a high quality, modern and exclusive style of life for the owner.



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