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High Networth Palace

High Net Worth Palace - Residence Client : Tanween Location: Doha - Qatar Services Provided: Design Competition - Concept Design Total Built-up Area: 22,000 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 62,000,000 Starting Date: 2010 Completion Date: 2011 Project Description: 2010 - Embracing both the traditional and modern design within the architectural elements of the design, the Palace was inspired as one large building yet is functionally separated in three major units; the grand residence, the main Majlis and a club house. Based on the central theme of "Rising to Heavens" as described in the Quran and Islamic interpretations, the High Net Worth Palace layout immerses one in cascading waters and flowing rivers along with heavenly gardens in a way that reflects the soothing sensation of paradise. This palace is designed for a Qatari Royal family which encompasses the luxuries of living within the multi-faceted multipurpose spaces with boundaries are lined with natural vegetation to add privacy and beauty.



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