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Hotel Lobby - RIyadh

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Services Provided: ID Concept Design Total Built-up Area: 7,000 sqm Starting Date: 2020
Project Description:

2020 - Inspired by morphology of old the Najdi town, and the voids between the buildings, the concept focuses on creates traditional parameters manifested into a modern-day design. this implies a dramatic and gravity defying feel, which creates unusual shadows that cast on the floor overlapping shapes.
Drawing from these characteristics of the building’s architecture, the interior will be integrating these elements and translating them through material, form, and ambience.
Influenced by the exterior finishing material – local rough stone accented with sleek glass and sharp cut metal, the interior finishing materials will be a balanced juxtaposition of refined, local, and raw. Irregular shadows casted from the sharp lines of the exterior will be reflected into the interior through the use of dark colored surfaces & accents, creating a shadow-like effect all day long.
The building’s exterior points upwards -inspired by peaks and valleys of the country’s topography; this implies height and verticality. This aspect will be emphasized in the interior in order to create a harmonious user experience as interior spaces blend seamlessly with their exterior envelope.

The overall interior design of this building takes into consideration the well-being, comfort and experience of the visitors to create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere be it through the right choice of materials, the spatial program and circulation.



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