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Islamic World District

Islamic World District

Client: Knowledge Economic City
Service: Urban and Architectural design
Plot size: 793,111 m2
Bult up Area: 1,877, 675 m2
Location: Medina, Saudi Arabia
Cost: NA
Affiliations: DLR Group
Starting Date: 2019

2019 - The project seeks to achieve urban and cultural goals consistent with the goals of Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to continue developing Medina as a destination for visitors and pilgrims, designing an area that attracts the residents and provides the economic and services needed, and most importantly the hotel services in terms of number and types of hotel rooms and other related services such as health, transportation and markets.

The Islamic World District is located on the eastern side of the Knowledge Economic City in Medina, and is parallel to the Haramain train station on the eastern side, thus forming the gateway to Medina for the visitors coming through the international airport or the train station. The area of the site is about 800 thousand square meters, and it is surrounded by a network of main roads on three sides: on the northern side, the project is linked to King Abdul Aziz Road, which forms the main urban axis that connects the site to the Prophet's Mosque and the airport, and on the southern side



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