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Islamic World District

Islamic World District

Client: Knowledge Economic City
Service: Urban and Architectural design
Plot size: 793,111 m2
Bult up Area: 1,877, 675 m2
Location: Medina, Saudi Arabia
Cost: NA
Affiliations: DLR Group
Starting Date: 2019

2019 - The project focuses on urban planning that aligns with the ambitions of Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It emphasizes the further development of Medina as a prominent destination for visitors and pilgrims. The aim is to design a sustainable area that not only attracts residents but also meets their economic and service needs. A significant part of this project revolves around enhancing hotel services, with an emphasis on the variety and number of hotel rooms. Additionally, the project encompasses essential services like health, transportation, and markets.

Located on the eastern side of the Knowledge Economic City in Medina, The Islamic World District plays a strategic role. It's parallel to the Haramain train station on the east, marking it as the primary gateway to Medina for those arriving via the international airport or the train station. Spanning an area of about 800 thousand square meters, the district boasts of its urban connectivity. It's bordered by a main road network on three sides. To the north, it links to the King Abdul Aziz Road, which is the primary urban axis connecting the district to both the Prophet's Mosque and the airport. The project's design intricately merges Hejazi architectural elements, ensuring that while it's modern, it's also deeply rooted in local heritage and culture.



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