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Jabal Omar

Jabal Omar Client: Makkah Construction & Development Company Location: Makkah - Saudi Arabia Services Provided: Design Competition Total Built-up Area: 372,000 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 195,300,000 Starting Date: 2000 Completion Date: 2000 Project Description: 2000 - Located just outside al-Haram, this Project consists of exclusive apartment buildings of 6-12 storeys and underground parking to access the apartments, whereas these buildings are grouped to create small neighbourhoods while retaining the families’ privacy, it also includes the transportation and infrastructure systems for this urban setting. Inspired by the identity and rich heritage of Mecca Al-Mukarramah in an organic urban composition, that blends in with its surroundings, the design also focused on using materials that the traditional architecture has been known to use, where the use of stones and Rouachin’s, in addition to terraces on the roof, which added a rich and unique architectural character to the buildings.




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