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Jordan University Of Science And Technology Social Spine

JORDAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SOCIAL SPINE Client: Jordan University of Science and Technology Location: Irbid – Jordan Services Provided: Design Total Built-up Area: 23,500 sq.m Construction Cost: US $ 14,300,000 Starting Date: 1999 Completion Date: 2001

Project Description:

1999 - Being inspired by innovative campus principles, the Jordan University of Science and Technology’s Social Spine used the axial principles, in addition to adopting the social gathering to reflect the urban environment with emphasis on providing each building with its own identity while maintaining the overall interconnection within the urban spaces. The entire campus of the University comprises of a central students forum, a central library in addition to the lecture halls complex, admissions and registration building, deanship and student activities buildings, as well as the president’s office and the administration building along with several student amenities buildings.



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