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Justice Palace District

Client: Royal Commission for Riyadh City
Location: Riyadh
Services Provided: Master Planning & A/E + Supervision Design + Supervision
Stating Date: 2020
Completion date: On going
Construction Cost: NA
Area: 12 KM

Project Description:

2020 - Successful stories always begin with a vision, and the most successful visions are those built on the basis of strengths.”
- His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman
The masterplan of this project aimed at developing the boulevards of the Justice Palace District, while keeping the existing shops in addition to the introduction of new ones ensuring diversity of options for retail, coffeeshops, and restaurants to include different segments in each zone on both sides of the road. This also included the enhancement of walkability, introduction of cycling lanes and ensuring connectivity and integration with the surrounding areas and the rest of the city (on both the macro and micro levels). The project also incorporated a tourism strategy linking all of the assets, a plan to improve the standards of services and neighborhoods, and design options for celebrating the memory the Old Riyadh city wall. The major aspect of this project was the development and improvement of the Architectural and urban environment of the Justice Palace district while preserving the Najdi identity and introducing the Salmani Architectural language where necessary.



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