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Kamal al Sultan VIlla

Kamal Sultan Villa Client: Mr. Kamal Sultan Location: Bida - Kwait Services Provided: Design Total Built-up Area: 2,400 m2 Construction Cost: US $ 2,500,000 Starting Date: 2002 Completion Date: 2003 Project Description: 2002 - Constraints of this long and narrow site inspired the arrangement of this house, where logic of one space relates to the logic of another, and this relationship creates a third “SPACE” which flows continuously throughout the house. In this house, an attempt is made to reinterpret Islamic design principles of Simplicity, Geometry and homogeneity to create a “sense of place” where it is good to live in today. Man and the harsh environment of Kuwait interact in such manner that each is influenced by the other, resulting in a set of interactive spaces and creating a sequential experience as one move through the house. The architectural image heightens this sense of interaction between while drawing from the architectural vocabulary the region’s heritage.



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