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Katara Gate Mosque

KATARA GATE MASJID Location: Doha – Qatar Client: Katara Project Built-Up Area: 1,044 m2 Starting Date: June 2016 Completion Date: August 2016 Services Provided: Architectural Design Project Description: 2016 - The Katara Gate Masjid Project is part of the Katara Phase IV development located in Doha, Qatar. The precinct of Katara Phase IV is based on the prominent Qiblah compass, pointing toward the city of Mecca and specifically to the Ka’baa. Anchoring the entrance of the project, the Masjid represents the cultural component that draws an axis to the end of the water canal revealing the two Iconic towers. A reflective pool further accentuates the Qibla axis and creates the traditional Islamic architecture hierarchy, transferring the worshiper from a public space to a semi-private place, and finally to a private place humbling the worshipper gradually for prayer



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