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Katara Lagoon & Bridge

Location: Doha – Qatar Client: Katara Cultural Village Plot Size: 288,000 m2 Built- Up Area: 25,000 m2 Construction Cost: 201,612,000 USD Starting Date: 2015 Completion Date: 2015 Services Provided: Urban & Architectural Design Project Design: 2015 - Inspired by the bridges of Isfahan, the award winning Katara Lagoon and Bridge Project aims to create a modern interpretation of these bridges taking into account the surrounding context of Doha, creating a memorable landmark that attracts families and individuals of multi-cultural backgrounds to a unique waterfront experience. The project also features a waterfront promenade that creates a breathing urban space for the cultural village and the city as a whole, a series of sequential gardens, and a confined area directly in front of the promenade designed to host many cultural events such as the traditional boat festival. Sustainability is a key factor in the design of this project where ‘Crystal Logoon’ technology is used to treat the northern zone. This resulted in the preservation of water from becoming contaminated and reducing the evaporation rate of water by more than 60%.



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