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KFU Medical Colleges

MEDICAL COLLEGES COMPLEX-KING FAISAL Location: Al Ahsa - KSA Client: King Faisal University Plot Size: 113,000 m2 Built-Up Area: 282,405 m2 Construction Cost: 1,711,357,222 SAR Starting Date: November 2014 Affiliation: KMD Services Provided: Master Planning, Architectural, Engineering & Interior Design, Value Engineering Project Description: 2014 - King Faisal University intends to put forward a design project of Medical Colleges Complex in Al Oqeer Road with the basic infrastructure within the general plan of the Teaching Hospital of King Faisal University, Al Ahsa to one of the Consulting Offices, which have partnership with specialized international offices of previous experience in similar projects inside and outside the Kingdom. The Office shall study and design the project in order to achieve the latest technologies, studies, international architectural styles and plans. The Medical Colleges Complex scope consist of the following: College of Medicine Building, College of Clinical Pharmacy Building, College of Dentistry Building, College of Applied Medicine Building, and The Basic Infrastructure and General Site Coordination for the Medical Colleges Complex. The prevailing and damaging north, northwestern winds became the primary forming vocabulary for the proposed Master planning. Above ground parking, structures are designed along the northwestern edge of the campus to serve as a wind buffer as well as a wind-channeling device. The buildings of the campus are shaped to steer the wind through the spaces between the buildings with the goal of cooling the spaces and the facades of the buildings. Water features along the paths between the buildings will add evaporative water to the softer breezes, further enhancing the comfort level of the air in these areas. The waveform of the roof over the central shared academic facilities, Library, Sport and Dining is designed to capture any rainwater and channel it to enhance these water features. The clustering of the buildings along the paths creates numerous zones for collaborative interactions between students and / or faculty. To maintain a lower rise vocabulary conducive to the movement of the wind, the shared lab building is split into two. The space between the two Lab buildings has been used to create a small



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