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Kindi Plaza

Client: DQDA
Services Provided: Urban & landscape Design
Project Status: 2019
Location: DQ, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Construction Cost: NA
Starting date: 2019
Completion date: Ongoing

2019 - Al-Kindi Plaza, with its surrounding commercial establishments, underwent a visionary transformation aimed at positioning it as a vibrant hub that caters to a diverse audience. During the day, the plaza bustles with employees from neighboring institutions, while evenings see a shift as it becomes a magnet for local neighborhood inhabitants and city dwellers alike. The emphasis was on curating an eclectic mix of high-quality, local brand F&B outlets and retail shops.

The masterplan was meticulously crafted to offer visitors a cultural immersion, evoking the charm and allure of ancient Arab cities and the warmth of their public spaces. The design subtly weaves in elements of convenience, comfort, and lifestyle, ensuring that the plaza stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of tradition and modernity.

Ensuring contextual harmony was paramount. As such, design interventions took into account the current architectural milieu while also making provisions for future developmental undertakings. The landscape design, underpinned by principles of urban and landscape engineering, was crafted to elevate the overall urban experience. Environmentally conscious and socially attuned, the landscape ethos pivots around the use of native plantations and design inspirations rooted in the Najdi tradition.

In essence, the revamped Al-Kindi Plaza emerges as an emblematic space, brimming with life round-the-clock, and serving as a cherished destination for both the local community and international visitors.



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