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Kindi Plaza

Client: DQDA
Services Provided: Urban & landscape Design
Project Status: 2019
Location: DQ, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Construction Cost: NA
Starting date: 2019
Completion date: Ongoing

2019 - The project’s aim included the redesign of Al-Kindi Plaza and the commercial shops surrounding it. The vision was to create a lively destination with lifestyle for all the users, including employees of surrounding institutions during the day, and visitors from the neighborhood and the city during the evening, with high quality local brand F&B and shops. The masterplan incorporated a cultural experience which give insights on old Arab cities and the livability of its public spaces while providing convenience and comfort and lifestyle. The design interventions were meant to ensure the blending with the context in addition to incorporating the current and future development projects. Moreover the landscape design aims at contributing to a pleasant urban experience, and is environmentally and socially responsive while maintaining the identity of the place through native plantations and design inspirations. The output was a Design for an attractive national and international plaza, active 24/7 as a destination for local community and visitors.



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