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King Faisal University – Female Student Library

King Faisal University – Female Student Library
Location: Al Hasa – KSA Client: King Faisal University – KFU Plot Size: 2,400 sq.m Built-Up Area: 8294 sq.m Construction Cost: 50 million USD Starting Date: March 2015 Completion Date: May 2015 Services Provided: Architectural Design Market Sectors: Cultural

Project Description:

2015 - The spatial and informational extension of the female student library outside the physical boundaries and the integration of the functional and the aesthetic criteria to produce a vivid and sophisticated building with cultural References is the main motive in this design.
The library building is located in the campus of King Faisal University, which is a well-founded scientific edifice in many fields of science and education, where the library is aimed to serve over 10,000 students in the future, making it an urban and visual reference.
The Iconic design with a heritage reference and reinterpretation is derived from local and vernacular architecture. The building consists of five floors, where functions are distributed horizontally and vertically, and within the hierarchy concept of public and private zones.
The library adopted sustainability and LEED principles to provide the most suitable environment and the appropriate atmosphere the academic and educational functions.



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