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Masharif Hills Mosques

Masharif Hills Mosques

Client: Masharef International Co. Ltd.
Location: Riyadh
Services Provided: Architecture, Engineering and Interior Design
Completion Date: 2014
Construction Cost: 22,250,000 SAR
Built up area: 3,222 SQM

2014 - The project consists of two standout mosques (Grand Mosque with a plot area of 2,847m^2 and the Local Mosque covering 1,050 m^2) nestled within Masharef Hills’ Residential project, situated to the North of Riyadh along Abu Baker Al Siddiq Road.

At the heart of the design principles lay the vision to create functional, dynamic, and contemporary mosque designs. These structures were not just a nod to modern architectural aesthetics but also prioritized utility by providing practical and user-friendly spaces, ensuring strict adherence to local authorities’ codes and regulations. The architectural blueprint of the mosques seamlessly melds the essence of religious spaces with the ethos of the surrounding environment. Further enhancing their appeal is their sustainable construction approach, ensuring that while they remain rooted in tradition, they also embody environmental responsibility. Another defining facet of these designs is their cost-effectiveness, a testament to intelligent design meeting practicality.



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